Kid Review: Alex and Alex By Ziggy Hanaor


About This Book:


Alex and Alex have lots of things in common. They love playing, and dressing up and building things. They also are very different to one another; Alex is very messy and Alex is very tidy, Alex likes running and kicking a ball and Alex likes reading and dreaming. After a trip to the museum goes a little bit awry, Alex and Alex have some cooling off time. But they always make up because Alex really really really really really really REALLY…. likes Alex!


This is a book for very young readers introducing ideas of gender neutrality and tolerance of difference. Neither character is identified as a boy or a girl, and the activities that each one enjoys is a mix of traditional ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ things. Charming, stripped back illustration illuminates the shared human experience and is also accessible to children ages 2 and up.


*Review Contributed by Olivia Farr, Staff Reviewer*


cute story about friendship


ALEX AND ALEX is an intriguing picture book about two friends. Alex and Alex are very different, but they love to spend time together. When they go to the museum, Alex loves looking at everything, but Alex is bored. They end up getting upset with each other and needing some alone time. At the end, they make up, because they really like each other.

What I loved: This was a cute, colorful story of friendship. Alex and Alex are each allowed to be themselves and they embrace their differences. From the description, it becomes clearer that this is about acceptance and gender neutrality, which is also a helpful theme for young readers.

The text is brief throughout, and it could work well for young readers who like a quick story that focuses on the illustrations.

What left me wanting more: It can be confusing with the characters having the same name, and the pictures really have to carry the meaning. The story mostly talks about the differences between them, and the conflict felt abrupt and not well explained – it almost needed more.

Final verdict: Overall, ALEX AND ALEX is a cute picture book about embracing differences and friendship.


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