Kid Review: 90s baby by Hannah Eliot


About This Book:

It’s the nineties, baby! This adorable, iconic board book features everything from bucket hats to pagers, and plenty of nineties slang!


I’m a nineties baby,
just look at me!
I’m wicked, I’m fly,
I’m iconic as can be.

From roller blades to flannel shirts, CDs to pay phones, this baby’s got your dope nineties dreams covered!


*Review Contributed By Karen Yingling, Staff Reviewer*

A Super-dee-duper Board Book


First of all, if you bought this board book for a baby because it encompasses your fondest memories of growing up in the 1990s and you say “Oh, I’m so OLD!”, I will slap you with a slap bracelet. This is because I gave birth to 90s babies! I’m pretty sure the demographics for this book are not for people who were babies in the 1960s, but I would definitely buy ‘6os Baby if it were published!

Since I was dealing with small children in this decade, my memories are a bit vague, although the page with the roller blader and the two dogs gave me flashbacks. I don’t remember Pop Tarts and bucket hats featuring so largely, but there is a Tamogotchi, overalls, a CD player, a cordless phone, and yes, a couple of slap bracelets pictured! The text is brief and rhyming; I’m sure many enterprising young parents will be able to rap this one.

Good Points
This illustrations are colorful and simple, and the babies pictures nicely diverse. The pages are uncluttered, and this design makes it easy to locate all of the pre-Millienial objects.

I’m a huge fan of pop culture; when I was in middle school, I devoured the Time-Life This Fabulous Century books, so I’m all for introducing these concepts to the youngest readers possible. There are a growing number of books on various decades for younger readers, including First 100 Words From the 70s by Highchair U and Flashback to the– Awesome ’80s by Michaels and Rebar.

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