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Reader reviewed by Thomas Perrin

Wow! I am not normally a non-fiction reader, but a friend of mine gave me a copy of this book for my birthday, and I am glad she did. Thanks, Terry! "Inventing Ott" is hilarious, and reads like good fiction should. But, very unlike any of my experiences with fiction, this book gave me a bit of a shock. I was just sitting on my bed, reading the book, when before I even knew what had happened, I had just learned about physics! Then about calculus and anatomy! And I wasnt even trying to learn! It just happened while I was enjoying the story! Maybe I should read non-fiction more often. (Maybe I would get better grades in school, hee hee).

For those of you who have not been fortunate enough to read this book, its about a pretty tough little kid who never really accepted no for an answer. As he grew up, his curious cockiness actually helped him to learn some pretty cool stuff about building and fixing things and about electronics, and pretty much anything else useful that he could learn about in rural Mississippi. Before he knew it, this rough young mans man had become a bit of an overachiever.

His name was Arthur Guyton (Ott, for short) and he grew up, following in his fathers footsteps, to become a doctor (although, I dont think he would have chosen that career if his Dad wouldnt have nudged him to. He seemed to like physics a lot more). Anyway, that doesnt even matter since he never finished his surgery residency. Thats because he was paralyzed by a horrible disease that people used to get a lot called Polio. Eventually he ended up achieving probably ten times more with his life than he would have as a surgeon. He became the inventor of the electric wheelchair, some other medical devices, and some kind of machine used to count particles of radiation in the air. He also wrote the medical textbook that most doctors learn from today. Doctors all listened to him since he also discovered a whole bunch of new stuff about the way our hearts work that no one even suspected before. Who knows how many lives his discoveries about the human circulatory system saved!

Well, he also accomplished a whole bunch of other things, but thats not really what the storys about. Its really about a kid who thought for himself, instead of simply learning all the junk that grown-ups wanted to shove down his throat. Hes kind of like some strange new kind of hero from one of my fiction books&different, because he was real. I wish all non-fiction could be as good as Inventing Ott. I would read anything by this author.
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