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fairy tale plus facts about the underground
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DISCOVERING THE UNDERGROUND WITH SNOW WHITE contains the fairy tale of Snow White along with fold open pages that detail interesting information about underground. The book teaches about different things found underground, the mineral and rock makeup, animals that live underground, and mythology of the underground among other cool facts. The book contains relevant illustrations throughout.

What I loved: There is a lot of really fascinating information about what is going on underground, presented in fun fact style tidbits on each foldout page. The format is interesting, and it could be read as the fairytale by just going through the pages, but when you fold each page up, the book talks to a specific topic around the underground. The breadth of topics is interesting, including the minerals and rocks underground, root systems, fossil fuels, and more. The illustrations throughout are imaginative, and descriptive in the encyclopedic foldouts. These could definitely inspire seeking more information when learning about these topics underground.

What left me wanting more: The connections between the fairy tale and the underground are often tenuous, and most pages do not have any clear links between the story and the foldout (with the exception of the minerals when talking about the dwarves mining and the root system when talking about the evil queen and the poisoned apple). I would have liked them to be a bit more linked, so it was clear why we would be interested in learning more about the topics included. The information included is also relatively light in terms of detail, so it would be more of a starter book than a detailed exploration of the underground.

Final verdict: A book with a fairy tale and fun facts about what's going on underground, DISCOVERING THE UNDERGROUND WITH SNOW WHITE is an intriguing foldout book that can spark an interest in learning more about what is happening beneath our feet. This would work well for young middle grade readers.
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