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After the separation of Pakistan from India, Nek Chand moved from Pakistan to India. Even though he left, he missed the village he left behind. Soon, he begins collecting small rocks and makes a small garden, but it isn't quite like he remembered. Nek then collects other materials and begins building houses, people, and animal statues in his spare time. How others will react to his fantastical garden was yet to be seen. In ROCK BY ROCK, readers can learn about Nek Chand's garden and how others have viewed and felt about it.

What I loved: This is a solid nonfiction picture book that tells the story of this incredible passion work. The story builds slowly and captures the basic elements that led to Nek's leaving of his village, in terms of the separation of religion into the two countries, and then the steps that he took to begin creating his incredible garden. The reactions to it were interesting, with some celebrating and some wanting to change or destroy it, and ultimately, it shows the power of people standing together for what they believe in. The backmatter shows images from the actual garden and adds to the story in the book as well as includes a timeline for when things were happening.

The colorful images add some whimsy and imagination to the nonfiction story, and the text is clear and easy to read. The length would make this work better for older picture book readers of elementary age and could be helpful in classroom lessons around art, religion, and history.

What left me wanting more: While the distant language was helpful in presenting historical events without much emotion/opinion, it would have been helpful to get more into Nek's mindset as he created this garden. I also would have loved more detail on what he was creating in the story. The pictures at the back were helpful in capturing the impressive nature of his creation, and I would have loved that feeling earlier in the book.

Final verdict: An intriguing story of passion, art, and community, ROCK BY ROCK is a great nonfiction read that will work well in the classroom and for elementary school aged picture book readers.
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