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(Updated: July 20, 2021)
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MORE RYAN'S WORLD OF SCIENCE features science experiments that are Ryan approved. Not only is this book full of science, but it's also written with simple words to help children learn to read. This is a trifecta: popular, encourages science and learning, and helps with reading.

Ryan's World has become so popular that I'm not surprised there are books of him. My daughter absolutely loves Ryan and his videos have sparked her interest in science. She has a blast doing experiments thanks to him and this book contains just that. There are Rain Clouds, Cooking With the Sun, and Homemade Ice Cream. She loved each one. I admit I also had fun watching her excitement with each experiment.

As to be expected with Ryan's World, the colors are bright and pop off each page. They merge cartoon images with real ones and the combination makes both pop.

Final Verdict: Fans of Ryan's World and Science experiments won't want to miss this one. It's both educational and fun for children which is all I could ever ask for to hold my child's interest.
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