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BENEATH THE WAVES includes everything ocean related, from Secrets of the Shell, to poems, to creatures and their food sources. The ocean, along with parts of the book, is divided into the Sunlit Zone, The Twilight Zone, and The Midnight Zone, which are the three different depths of the oceans. The author also includes things you don't expect like The Myth of the Kraken and how shipwrecks get a second life under the ocean.

There's a little section on Seaweed and how it's the food of the sea, which I found interesting, especially since humans of course are included in the creatures who eat it. Another intriguing thing that I didn't realize is that the ocean floor is so unexplored that the author compares it to the fact that we know more about the moon. As expected, the author talks about sea creatures like the Swimming Lizard, to turtles, to fish, and more that I didn't even know existed.

Final Verdict: From beautiful pictures to fun facts, this book has it all and was very intriguing to read. It contained information I'd never heard of, which is what you can only hope for from a book like this. This book would be perfect for fans of Ocean life and Sea Animals. There's so much included in BENEATH THE WAVES that I didn't get bored once.
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