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HORSE POWER is a well-illustrated book that talks about the large part horses play in our history. The delve into different cultures and how they used horses, like the Vikings and Arabians. This book shows how exactly horses powered the world: police horses, ones that pull supply wagons and do deliveries, farm horses, cab horses, they did it all.

There's a section called "what makes a horse so special" that I really enjoyed because it describes the makeup of their bodies and the usefulness of each part. I also loved the part at the end where it says, "And then came the car." "Humans traded manure in the streets for pollution in the air." To me, this is fascinating because it was never something I thought about. When you think about it, horses were better for our environment and they were an animal you can bond with. We traded them for cars, which are terrible with pollution. This an excellent parting thought to leave with the reader.

Final Verdict: After reading all of the history and how amazing and useful horses were, it makes me want to go horseback riding and never take a horse for granted (not that I own one, but it would be cool!) I would recommend this to any fans of horses and history because it's incredible how useful horses were but we don't give it a second thought.
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