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great board book about flowers
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A SEASON OF FLOWERS is a lovely board book told from the perspective of flowers that appear from the spring until winter, when they all slumber. Beginning with the earliest flowers, snowdrops and crocuses, to the next to appear, the tulips and hyacinths, the book walks the reader through the flowering cycles of a year. The full page illustrations are full of vibrant colors and flowers throughout.

What I loved: The illustrations here are lovely with an appearance of texture and filled to the brim with flowers. The other animals and details give much for the eye to explore on each page. I particularly appreciated the labels on each page to state the type of flower being featured in the illustrations and in the two-line rhyme. Although I knew some of the flowers, there were others I was not sure about, so this was really helpful. I also found the timing of the flowers to be interesting - although this is something we don't always think about, certain flowers bloom at different times of the year, and this adds an educational element to the story along with the little/basic facts that appear in the poem (such as the bees following the scent of the flowers).

The font is fairly clear with color appropriate changes when the background is dark and appears at the top of each page, which makes it easy to read aloud. The text works well for infants through preschoolers, particularly for those who are interested in nature and flowers. The rhyming nature makes it roll off the tongue and is great for young ears.

Final verdict: A charming and lovely book about flowers, A SEASON OF FLOWERS is an educational board book about seasons, flowers, and nature around them. Recommend for older infants through preschoolers who will enjoy the rhymes, vibrant colors, and details throughout.
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