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approachable and educational journey to the forests of the world
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TAKE ME HOME: FORESTS OF THE WORLD is an approachable nonfiction book that teaches about different kinds of forests, from kelp forests to rainforests to deciduous forests. The book is an interesting combination of fiction and nonfiction, beginning with a story of a boy named Charlie finding a bunch of animals after a smuggler's truck crashes. He then takes them home to their forests, learning about them along the way.

What I loved: The format of the book is great for children who love stories and learning. The overarching fictional story walks children into each place, where they can read cool facts and learn about different forest types and the animals who live there. The cartoonish animals add to the fun of the story that manages to pack a lot of information with a simple story line and adorable characters. The breadth of forests and facts is great as a starting place for learning more.

There are a lot of great educational points in the book. As an example, in the deciduous forest, it not only gives facts about animals and plants within, but also talks about seasons. In the rainforest, it also discusses rainforest layers alongside bugs, animals, and plants.

The text is easy to read throughout and doesn't take away from the full page detailed illustrations, managing to be relatively small and very readable. All the animals are labeled when pictured, which is really helpful for children who want to learn about everything.

Final verdict: Educational, approachable, and full of adorable characters, TAKE ME HOME: FORESTS OF THE WORLD is perfect for elementary school aged readers who love learning, fun facts, and animals.
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