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SOUNDS OF THE SKY is a great nonfiction collection of animal facts, focusing on birds. The book takes the reader to 9 locations and features a rhyming set-up that leads to the sound of each featured bird. The book also includes fun facts about the birds and other animals in that habitat around each page. The end of the book shows a map which points out where each habitat is located around the world and a final synopsis of the birds that are under threat of extinction.

What I loved: There is so much to learn with all of the fun facts, and I loved the diversity of birds featured from kookaburra to ostrich. The information included was fascinating with some facts that were new to me as an adult. Illustrations are lovely with plenty of details and great depictions of the animals described. Each fun fact is accompanied by an image of the animal it describes. Although the book does not go in depth for any animal, this is a great collection of information to spark further interest in digging deeper.

The sound bites were where the book really shone with a cool feature that allows readers to experience the way that each of the birds sounds. The sound is controlled with an on-off switch in the back and flat buttons on the pages. The volume is not too loud or too quiet, so it is easily enjoyed whether the book is laid flat or held aloft.

Final verdict: An educational and interactive collection of fun animal facts, SOUNDS OF THE SKY is a delightful picture book for children to explore. With the added features of sound and information about conservation, this is a great pick to spark an interest in learning more. Highly recommend for elementary school aged readers.
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