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excellent primer on emotions
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MY BOOK OF FEELINGS is a great conversation starter for emotions with toddlers. The book features spinning emoji faces of six different emotions (two sides with three wooden, flipping circles) and begins by describing what each face could represent, giving three emotions for each. For example, with the face making a circular mouth with raised eyebrows, the book suggests surprised, shocked, and amazed. The book then presents the readers with different scenarios and asks how they feel with those, such as different types of food, weather, and activities. Each item is depicted with actual photographs that are great for young readers to explore.

What I loved: Talking about feelings can be challenging, particularly with toddlers and preschoolers, who may not yet have all the words and expressions. This book makes it really easy, showing them the faces, describing the emotions, and then setting them up to discuss how they feel with different things, such as with sunny days and thunder/lightning. The very end of the book includes children making each of the faces and a mirror for children to check their own expressions and practice making the expressions if they want.

The board book style makes this quite durable and is perfect for creating discussion spaces with young children. They can spin the emojis to show the way that different things make them feel or they can describe it the words. The inclusion of real photographs and many scenarios/things add to the appeal.

Final verdict: MY BOOK OF FEELINGS is a great primer on emotions and creating the language young children need to begin to talk about their feelings. With photographs, descriptions, and discussion starters, this board book is great for toddlers and preschoolers to share with caregivers.
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