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What is best for the DOGS?
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This short, well photo-illustrated book packs a lot of information into its pages! It covers the major topics of dog history, the needs of dogs, how to go about adopting a dog and getting along with it, and how to make a dog's life at home more comfortable. These are all great topics that middle grade readers should be keeping in mind before welcoming a pet into their home. I think that people tend to think "How will I like HAVING a dog" versus "How can I provide the best life FOR a dog?
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There are some excellent books that address the history or dogs and their behaviors, such as Horowitz Our Dogs, Ourselves , Albee's Dog Days and Keenan's Animals in the House (2007). I liked that this started with that history, but then covered other topics. There are lots of sidebars with bits of information such as "Why do dogs eat poop and roll in dead things?", "Separation anxiety", Avoiding fake rescues" that go along with the information in the chapters. There are also one page portraits of people who are involved in different philanthropic efforts for dogs, including some very young children. Photographs add interest to the pages.

The book also includes a dog lover's pledge, further resources, and a glossary, which points out to me that I did not read closely enough and missed the New Guinea Singing Dog, on which there needs to be more information! There is also a gatefold center of a Jack Russell terrier with the parts of a dog highlighted. Not entirely sure I knew exactly what the withers were, so I learned several things reading this book! (Withers are the "bony high point between a dog's shoulder blades"!)

The Dog Patrol is a great book to hand young readers who are interested in learning more about adopting and dealing with dogs, and who want a good overview about protecting the best interests of man's best friend.
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