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fantastic book about Black history
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THE ABCS OF BLACK HISTORY is a fantastic picture book of a poetic walk through the alphabet related to Black history. The book is written with a beautiful poem that flows easily off the tongue on each page. Words that relate to the letter are bolded, and each letter gets several related words. There are also some basic details about each. For instance, "S is for scientists who charted the stars,/ studied the bees, took care of our hearts./ For Benjamin Banneker, Patricia Bath,/ for Katherine Johnson's beautiful math." S is also for soul on the other side of the page, with additional details there, giving so much information in such a beautifully lyrical way.

What I loved: This book covers so many topics, important people, and more, giving a great launching point to discussions about Black history. This would be perfect for classrooms (and, of course, at home) beginning to teach Black history, as there is so much information given throughout that could launch important discussions and further research. For instance, with S, children could look up these scientists to see what they did and find more Black scientists who have changed our lives. This alphabet book could spark even more learning and projects.

The writing is really beautiful with a great rhythm, and it rolls off the tongue perfectly. The illustrations are full page and really fantastic with lots of color and details that make them a delight to look through. The breadth of information contained in this alphabet book is really remarkable, and I would definitely recommend this book for beginning to explore Black history at home or at school.

Final verdict: With beautiful illustrations and a lyrical poem, THE ABCS OF BLACK HISTORY is a fantastic introduction to an important topic. Highly recommend picking this one up.
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