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AMAZING PLACES is a delightful exploration of 15 manmade wonders, including the Taj Mahal, pyramids, and Moai (Easter Island). The book features information and fun facts about each place plus plenty of color and illustrations of the places and details. This is a really large collection, featuring key places from around the world.

What I loved: This book includes tons of fascinating facts with some details I did not know. The places are ones that most people will have heard of in the past, but includes plenty of fun information that could be new. The inclusion of places from all over the world make it like a goal travel list, and I loved how many different places and structures were included. The illustrations of the places and colors add some extra fun to each page. The large size (bigger than other picture books) is a fun feature that give even more space to explore. This could also be read sporadically or from front to back, as each place gets two pages, but they don't flow between them, making it kind of like an encyclopedia style with a table of contents at the beginning.

Final verdict: A fun guide to unique and interesting places to see, this book is a delightful exploration for young readers with cool facts and colorful illustrations.
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