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intriguing verse to tackle complex concepts
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THE CAT IN THE BOX attempts to explain Schrodinger's work regarding quantum paradox. While the original thought experiment explained this, this cat in the box takes a different approach, actually talking about the quantum particles and the snapshot in time, where either possibility could be found. The book is written in verse and features lots of illustrations throughout.

What I loved: The illustrations are the best part of this book! There are so many fun drawings of Schrodinger and the cat, plus, of course, the box. I really enjoyed the illustrations. The length is also pretty short, as the verse is limited on each page and the illustrations take up quite a lot of space. This would be ideal length for younger or reluctant readers.

What left me wanting more: As someone who can understand Schrodinger's thought experiment, I found myself quite lost in this book. I needed to reread it a few times to understand it, and even then, I felt like I didn't fully get it. It was only in the context of what I already knew that I could understand this, so I don't feel like it did a great job at distilling or teaching the information to a younger audience.

Final verdict: Better in the context of learning physics, THE CAT IN THE BOX is an interesting poem that attempts to tackle complex concepts.
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