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A Beautiful book that brings the richness of Ancient Egypt to life for young readers
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1,000 Facts about Ancient Egypt is a National Geographic KIDS book chock full of amazing facts about one of the oldest civilizations of the ancient world. I have always been fascinated with Egyptian art and architecture, but this book goes well beyond those topics.
From jewelry making, mummification and fashion, to female rulers, ancient law and beauty tips, this book covers every facet of daily life among the commoners on up to the royal families.
Some topics might not be suitable for squeamish little ones. Particularly the facts about mummies. Some of those can be a little gross, but still fascinating. Parents might want to read ahead and pick and choose which facts to share with their youngest children. Older children will probably think mummies are the coolest thing ever.
Each topic is broken down into 15, 25 or 50 facts, accompanied with full color images and illustrations. There is a glossary of terms at the back of the book as well as a 3D illustration of the Tomb of Seti I (which I was super excited to see). There is also a timeline of ancient Egyptian civilization and a chart of Dynasties and Rulers, which would be incredibly helpful to students of Egyptian history of any age.
I would recommend this book for children and adults of all ages. A perfect gift for anyone interested in obscure and interesting facts about ancient Egypt.
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