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READY, SET, GO!: SPORTS OF ALL SORTS is a fun trip through different sports. The book features rhyming phrases about different types of sports from football/soccer to gymnastics to hockey to karate. Each page is filled with colorful images of diverse children playing each sport. This book could be really inspirational for children who are looking for a new sport, but it is also just fun to explore.

What I loved: The rhyming phrases are quite clever and manage to capture each sport in relatively few words. This makes it quite a fun read to share with young readers. The illustrations are bright, colorful, and really capture the delight in physical activity and games with friends. I really loved how to the children pictured are so diverse, including many different skin tones, a character in a hijab and another in a dastar, as well as children with visible disabilities (wheelchair, walker). The book does a great job of capturing all of them enjoying sports together. There is also a nice set of end pages that go into the sports in more depth.

Final verdict: A delightful rhyming exploration of sports, this picture book is a fun read that captures a lot of different activities in bright colors.
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