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MY PEEKABOO ANIMALS is a fun lift-the-flap adventure of animals around the world. The book features page spreads of different environments, such as the ocean, ice, forest, jungle, and more, with many flaps to lift to explore which animals live there. Some of the flaps also feature facts about the animals. The book features many flaps under flaps, with a continuing line of information, such as that giraffes are the tallest animals in the world, and then show another long-legged animal underneath (a flamingo).

There's a lot of fun educational pieces as many, many animals are shown on each page (and bugs). The illustrations are fantastic and present the animals in their habitats beautifully.

What I loved: The best part of this book is that it is a book that young children can explore on their own, lifting the flaps and looking at the many animals. This can really spark learning through the many, many fun flaps. When read with parents, there are many interesting facts and all sorts of animals to describe. The illustrations are really great and depict the animals well. A particular favorite in our house is the narwhal (who peeks up from the water when you lift the flap), but they are all really fun. Children who love animals will definitely love this book!

What left me wanting more: As a small thing, the flaps are easy to rip, particularly the first time they are opened. As an adult, while trying to peel them open, I ripped a few myself. I would suggest gently going through and opening all the flaps (and particularly the many flaps under flaps) when you first get the book. They are about cardstock thickness. However, some tape could repair these, and even if a few rip, there are still many others remaining.

Final verdict: A delightful experience for toddlers and young readers, MY PEEKABOO ANIMALS is a lift-the-flap adventure through animals around the world. Whether explored on their own or delved into with a caregiver, this book is educational fun.
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