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MINDFUL TOTS: ANIMAL ANTICS is a way to introduce yoga-like movements to little ones through animals. Children are given instruction to move like an elephant, making a trunk with their arms that they brush through imaginary grass, sip water, and the spray it over their heads. They then pretend to be frogs and cats through similarly guided movements before becoming themselves again, ready to take on their next activity.

Each page features illustrations of diverse children in the poses, illustrating how they should look. Many poses are from yoga, such as the cat, which looks like cat and cow poses plus child's pose (stretching cat). This simplifies the experience for young children with the added bonus of pretending to be animals.

What I loved: The ideas here are really great. If you have an older toddler or preschooler, they should be able to do the poses with you, and this can really help them to focus and center themselves. The illustrations really help to imagine how children can do the poses, and the diversity among the children pictured is also great! The bright colors will have appeal for little ones who will enjoy the illustrations and animals.

This is really a book for parents to share with children while performing an activity. The book is a bit wordy and so it really only works when it is also being performed (as instructions for the actions/poses). Thus, this is not a book just to sit down and read, but more to interact with children and for use as a tool to go through these mindful exercises.

Final verdict: This book is great as a way to introduce yoga and mindfulness to older toddlers and preschoolers. The use of animals is clever and will definitely add charm for young readers.
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