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The first time my niece saw me do a yoga video, she was obsessed. She's five years old and it made me realize how fascinating yoga is to kids. There are plenty of kid-friendly yoga videos online. I've been forced to sit through many of them now, but few make kids feel like health is the goal. They're just kind of fun. Yummy Yoga is different in that it couples each of the basic yoga poses with healthy foods - even giving recipes - and helping create that connection before the fun body contortions and the health of said body.

It does this with colorful, simple images comparing a kid doing the poses to fruits and vegetables in the same stance. It adds fun and education to an important practice.

Final Verdict: Books like Yummy Yoga entrance kids and pull them into a lifelong awareness of the health of both their minds and their bodies. I'd recommend it to all parents - or others who take care of kids.
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