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Before reading this, I didn't know much about Jimmy Carter except that he had been one of the presidents. I was surprised to discover how much of a humanitarian Jimmy Carter was. He grew up during the time of segregation. However, since he lived on a farm, he knew more colored people than white, including his best friend A.D.

As time went on, racism only got worse and Jimmy Carter knew how unfair it was. After getting shunned by the white people for declining to join their group, it was time for him to do something. He joined the world of politics to try to change things for the better. Even after his presidency, he never stopped working hard to make a difference.

Jimmy Carter believed that hard work yielded strong results. With that mentality, he wasn't one to give up easily and it's inspiring to see all of the good one person can bring into the world. We need more people with Jimmy Carter's mentality.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of US Presidents, history, inspirational people, and it would be great to teach the importance of accepting others.
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