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fantastic and informational exploration of stars
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PROFESSOR ASTRO CAT's STARGAZING is an incredible resource for children who want to learn more about the night sky. Informative even for adults, Astro Cat walks readers through the facts of stars, where they live and what happens to them when they burn out.

Outer space is a place full of imagination, and this book captures the wonder and amazing nature of the universe- what we know and how much we don't yet. Young astronomers and scientists will delight in getting more information and discovering what is left for them to uncover in the future.

What I loved: The pages include descriptive images along with fun characters and facts about the stars and outer space. The colors and illustrations are very clean and perfect for exploring the wonder of the universe. With the added characters, the facts come to life through the pages of the book. The text is also highly informative- even adults can learn something new from Astro Cat and the simple yet descriptive language used.

Final verdict: Perfect for preschoolers and elementary schoolers who are curious about the world (or rather, universe) around them, this book approaches complex topics in an easily digestible way. Learn about stars, our sun, their life cycle and where they live in this incredibly delightful and approachable book!
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