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fun cartoon animals show children how to be kind
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This young children’s book features a poem setting the stage at the beginning, middle, and end, filled with ideas for how to be kind in daily life, illustrated with varied animals performing the tasks. For instance, you can be the last in line or hold the door open for a friend. With images featuring animals typically depicted at odds (e.g. wolf and pigs, cats and dogs), the illustrations are lovely and fun, calling the young one to think of ways to be kind to others.

What I loved: The overall message here is great- spread kindness in your daily life. The text is very simple, featuring primarily phrases of how to be kind with several images of animals demonstrating the idea. This is great for young toddlers who can take the messages to heart with tasks that are mostly feasible for them (e.g. inviting someone to play, telling someone they are special). This is a fun way to introduce the concept of doing nice things for others to young children.

The cartoon animals are fun and at times, funny- perhaps some of the humor might go over the youngest children’s heads (e.g. the wolf helping three pigs build a brick house and thinking that the work is making him hungry). These are nice features for adults who will be reading alongside children. Several images reference fairytales that we are all familiar with (for example, a hare allowing a tortoise to go through a finish line first), and older children will probably also recognize them and see the humor.

The poem featured at the start, middle, and end of the book is really cute and sets the stage nicely. I would have loved even more of these rhyming phrases throughout which draw in the young listeners.

What left me wanting more: Most pages feature an instruction in kindness with multiple images of animals which are related to the stated idea. It would be great to have more descriptors alongside the images, so that they can expanded or detailed. Regardless, children can really get into pointing them out, naming the animals, and discussing what they are shown doing. Some of the ideas might be a little old for young children (e.g. writing a poem or taking a selfie with friends), but this also makes the book appeal to a wider age range.

Final thoughts: Overall, this is a cute book full of adorably fun cartoon animals and ideas for being kind. Young readers will enjoy looking at the many images that accompany ideas for kindness in daily life.
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