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The Living Marvels of the Natural World - Celebrated Beautifully
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This book is all kinds of wonderful. Actually, everything about it is pretty much spot on – starting with the expression of the aye-aye on the cover! Who Are You Calling Weird does exactly what it promises to do – it celebrates some of the most fascinating animals on this planet in an ultra-stylish way. At first glance, these creatures may seem peculiar, but the book reveals (and beautifully so) the purpose of these peculiarities, while serving up intriguing details about each animal.
While the primary target audience for the book may be children, I feel like this is a book that even adults are going to be wonderstruck by. I discovered animals that I had absolutely no idea about – a fish with a transparent head, a Wolverine-like frog, a crab with boxing gloves … creatures that seem like they exist only in legends. And the illustrations are mesmerizing – each spread is a lavish burst of light and colour. The writing is snappy but also substantial so it’s not like you’re just gathering information or reading facts; you’re actually getting a proper peek into each animal’s world. All in all, this book is a great introduction to the marvels we share our earth with.
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