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How Space Science and Sea Science Interact
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Jennifer Swanson does a great job teaching potential young explorers all about the amazing similarities between space exploration and deep-sea exploration.

Astronaut Aquanaut: How Space Science and Sea Science Interact is a beautifully presented book with full color images and illustrations. The information is educational with a healthy dose of personality so the reader doesn’t feel like they are reading a textbook of boring facts.

The author has created a unique learning experience suitable for all ages. Young readers will enjoy the pictures and illustrations, learning fun facts about living in space or at the deepest parts of the ocean. Older readers will get much more from the larger blocks of text that accompany spectacular vivid images, fostering a fun environment for learning all on their own or as a family.

Teachers will love the activity section with fun experiments like “design your own spacesuit” or “Create your own submersible.” Readers will also get to meet real life Astronauts and Aquanauts at the end of the book and the glossary of terms offers further insight as well.

A great addition to home and school libraries, Astronaut Aquanaut will teach and entertain all at once. Highly recommended reading for all ages and a handy tool for teachers and parents too.
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