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HISTORY'S MYSTERIES: FREAKY PHENOMENA teaches about the theories, clues and details behind occurrences that seem out of this world. The author talks about all sorts of things like Big Foot, The Ninth Planet, and The Curse of the Hope Diamond. The book is divided into seven chapters: Creepy Creatures, Vanishing Acts, Unexplained Occurrences, Strange Sites, Unusual Objects, Curious Curses, and Unnatural Nature.

The photos are intriguing and get the gears in your brain moving. I really liked the layout and how it feels that each mystery is presented as a "case" and we're getting a glimpse at the file that'll point us towards the truth. The author even added new evidence where it was applicable too.

Final Verdict: This is a very interesting and unique read that sticks with you even after you've finished. It makes you question what else is out there. This is perfect for fans of history, mystery, myths, and facts.
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