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(Updated: July 22, 2018)
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This is a collection of brief biographies of people who stood up and resisted injustices and tyranny. There's a little bit of information on each of these individuals. Kind of like teasers that might lead readers to want to look up more on them.

What worked: I really liked this younger aged biography that has little background stories on 35 activists. I also loved how each chapter ends with a hashtag #resist lesson and one lesson to take from each person.

Some of my favorites:

Samuel Adams and how even though he might have been considered a 'failure' on some of his ventures, each failure meant he tried. And those skills he learned came in handy later in his life in unexpected way.

**One thing though that is incorrect, is Paul Reeve didn't say, "The British are coming!" It was 'the Regulars'.

Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez and the quote: "Cherish your heritage. The harvest is great." As the great-great-granddaughter of Mexican migrants, Chavez and Huerta have been heroes in my eyes. This bio gives just a little tidbit and backstory of these amazing leaders and their fight for migrant workers rights.

Archbishop Oscar Romero's courage to stand up to human rights violations in El Salvador in the 80s. The #resist lesson there is, "Our silence does not protect us."

Malala Yousafzai standing up to the Taliban even when she knew how dangerous this would be.

There's others that stood up to injustices of Jim Crow laws, being denied the right to vote, #blacklivesmatter, and even mention of the million women's march. One big message throughout this bio is don't take your rights for granted. Always be ready to march again.

I wished that the biographies were a little more detailed. For example have more examples of what these individuals did and a have time lines. Otherwise, this is fast-paced, informative reading without being boring.

Compelling profile of 35 ordinary people who stood up and let their voices be heard against injustices. This bio is very applicable now with current administration. Also hopefully it will get readers to research more on these activist's lives. A must add to any school library.

Good Points
1. Great little tidbits on activism throughout time
2. Very applicable for now
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