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WHO WOULD WIN?: BATTLE ROYALE includes five books in one. It has the Killer Whale vs. the Great White Shark, the Rhino vs. the Hippo, the T-Rex vs. the Velociraptor, the Wolverine vs. the Tasmanian Devil, and the Alligator vs. the Python.

The whole theme of the book is who would win in a fight. Jerry Pallotta explains the animals body structures like their arms, teeth, and brain. He also gives fun facts like a hippo's skin looks like armor, but it's actually very sensitive.

I love how entertaining this book is and the incorporation of the pictures. Overall, there is a lot to learn in this collection, but I think the fun facts are my favorite part. It's always interesting to learn something new and this book taught me so much I had no clue about.

Final Verdict: This is perfect for fans of dinosaurs and fierce animals. I love the learning value in this book which makes it that much better.
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