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Ranger Rick: I Wish I Was A Lion was a fun, educational, and an interactive book that is perfect for all those who want to know more about lions!

I Can Read! books have always been the best books to introduce children to new topics, species, etc. The use of questions and the tone of the narrator really makes for a great interactive read. Reading this, you feel as though someone is talking to you and teaching you things you didn’t know.

In the beginning it asks the reader what they would do if they became a lion! Each question, such as “where would you live?” is followed me a quick answer to the question and further explanations. It talks about all the basic information one should know about a lion, while also giving some fun facts you may not know about.

I especially loved the “Fun Zone” at the end, which allows the kids to test themselves on how long it takes for them to react. This was a great way to keep them entertained and interested in the book as well.

Overall, this was an informative read that was also a lot of fun! I think anyone would enjoy it, but those who love animals and especially lions would love this one! Highly recommend!
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