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I’ve said it many times now, but I absolutely love National Geographic’s books for children. Each one is very different from the next, but always entertaining and informative! National Geographic knows how to make their readers interested in any topic they write about, for both children and adults.

ULTIMATE EXPLORER GUIDE, quickly became another favorite for the kids I read to. There are endless pages to explore, ranging from things like one’s family’s history or the traditions across the globe. Each little section dedicated to a certain topic is paired with the highest quality of photos that has kids staring at it and looking at all the tiny details. There is simply just so much you could miss!

This guide looks at everything that has to do with explorers. ULTIMATE EXPLORER GUIDE, provides descriptions of different types of explorers, what they each do, and information about anything that they may encounter (wildlife, fossils, and equipment needed!) Here you will meet different explorers and read mini interviews with them that go more in-depth about their fascinating careers. There is so much to learn!

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I, of course, would highly recommend this to everyone- of all ages and backgrounds. I find these books to be a great motivation to children because it shows them how large the world truly is and inspires them to dream beyond what they already do. I especially love that it is so informative about so many interesting and unique topics. This book holds so much information and encourages learning, so I hope that you get a chance to read and enjoy it!
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