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This is one of the many “100 things” books I’ve read by National Geographic, and like with all the rest, I absolutely loved this one. All of these books can be about completely different topics, and yet they all hold one thing in common: they help to inspire our newest generation.

The title basically tells you what the focus of this book is about, but of course, National Geographic delivers much more. This book is filled with 100 different types of jobs held across the globe. It has everything from chefs, teachers, and astronauts, to professional pet food tasters, smoke-jumpers, and several other jobs you may have never heard of.

Each job usually was explained on two pages, alongside some incredible photos, and sometimes with an interesting fact or two. It was very clear, easy to follow, and provided you with a basic, but intriguing description of the job. I can’t think of a better book to encourage and motivate younger kids to look further into their future and their opportunities. Everyone knows about the struggles and stress that comes with thinking about one’s future career, but I believe this book makes the process seem more exciting and hopeful.

While it includes the jobs that are most common or well-known, it also includes some very interesting, creative, and fun jobs. Who knew that there were tens of thousands of jobs available across the country for the National Park Service? Or that there were veterinary acupuncturists out there? The options are limitless, and reading this reminded me of that. I think that younger readers will realize this as well and realize that they can truly be anything.

Final thoughts?

100 Things to Be When You Grow Up, is yet another great book that provides its young readers with the inspiration they need to think of all the possibilities their future holds. There are a hundred jobs in this book, and there will certainly be at least one that any reader would want to know more about. The interesting facts, gorgeous photographs, and the wide range of jobs made this book unforgettable. Highly recommend for all readers!
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