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Guided Sculpting
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More fun than barrel of sea-monkeys!

With six air-dry colors, a carving tool, 49 insert pieces, and an Idea Book with 10 detailed step-by-step instruction options on differing critter assembly, this Klutz product introduces kids to the basics of sculpting vibrantly adorable sea creatures. The clay included is light, non-toxic, non-staining, and flakes easily off of clothing once dry. A merciful non-headache for busy parents.

This kit turned into 2 solid hours of dedicated amusement for my 7-year-old daughter. I only assisted with one of her creations (the clownfish) as she got a feel for the spongy, moldable material. After that she followed the instructions easily enough, and even improvised a few color mixtures by the last couple of sculptures. (Some of the colors were a bit sticky coming out of their individually sealed tubes, so I would advise allowing these to dehydrate slightly before use.)

If I had any regrets, it was that the booklet didn’t take the opportunity to teach any relevant coloration or anatomical facts while it had my child’s full engagement. But perhaps that’s hoping for too much. It delivers on exactly what it promises, and to that end I am well satisfied with the product’s value. Parents may especially appreciate the explicit encouragement toward creativity at the start of the booklet:

“Remember every critter is one of a kind, so create your animals any way you want. They don’t have to look like the ones in the pictures.”

Thank you, Klutz. Because my child is all about freestyle.
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