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DINING WITH DINOSAURS is amazing, educational, and great for dinosaur lovers. This book is filled to the brim with amazing facts. From dinosaurs size to what time period they lived. I loved that in the very back they have a key on how to pronounce the names in the book. It’s perfect for those who want a challenge and also want to know the correct way to say them.

When I started this book, I was mostly showing it to my nephew but as I kept reading I really got into it. I loved how interesting and different the facts were. Not to mention how much I didn’t know about dinosaurs. This book really is the perfect gift or choice for those kids who just can’t get enough. It was informative without being overwhelming. Every few pages they did an ‘ask a scientist’ box and answered so many different types of questions. I also loved that this book added so much more than just the normal dinosaurs you always see. They had info about birds that lived back then and plants and different kinds of animals.

The drawings as well were amazing. They show you what some dinosaurs skulls look like or they show you a tree and sunflowers having a conversation! DINING WITH DINOSAURS is a great book that’s fun and informative. Kids are going to love this one. Plus there’s a game throughout the book where you have to find a certain item. I had the best time reading this book.
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