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Inspirational reading for aspiring young heroes
(Updated: February 05, 2017)
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A wonderful gift for any child at any age. The Book of Heroes is full of tales of the heroes we’ve all admired, plus the ones we’ve never even heard of. Political leaders, stars of the sports arena, historical legends, the great men of the ancient world, peacemakers, and leaders in their fields of study, there is something here to inspire every reader—young and old (and a great book for families to enjoy together).
The Book of Heroes is beautifully presented with full color images and illustrations. The information is educational with a healthy dose of personality so the reader doesn’t feel like they are reading a textbook of boring facts.
The author does a wonderful job bringing a sense of balance to the masculine theme as each section offers a selection of “Gutsy Gals” to complement the Heroes. And the final section on “Outstanding Animals” gives the reader a glimpse into the world of adorably heroic animals.
A solid look at a variety of heroic deeds from ancient history to present day leaders, The Book of Heroes will teach and entertain all at once. Highly recommended reading for young boys and a handy tool for the classroom too.
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A great book for fathers and sons
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