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A fun and creative activity for young children
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My Clay Critters is the perfect activity for a rainy day when you have an antsy kid(s) on your hands. You’ll find everything you need to move through the activity book with your child, or a quick tutorial to help them get started on a solitary or group activity with friends. The instructions are extremely easy to follow, even for the kiddos to follow along with the pictures in the how to guide.
Much more fun than a bland afternoon with modeling clay and nothing to spike the imagination. Kids will enjoy creating the fun marine creatures, using the accessory cardboard pieces to make colorful fish fins, eyes and even turtle shells! The best part is the texture tool that can be used to create fish scales or patterns to bring your critters to life.
The technical instructions are delivered in brief segments of text and illustrations that will quickly allow the anxious user to get to the good stuff.
The materials included are quite good, although you may want to add more clay to give more color options to maximize creativity. Recommended for ages four and up
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