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An Engaging Picture Book about Animal Behaviour
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What an enthralling little book this is! Growing up, I didn’t read too much non-fiction because I didn’t have access to a lot of reading material that presented information in a fun, friendly way. But I’m really glad that so many books are blurring the lines between ‘teaching’ and ‘storytelling’ these days.

I found the concept of the book really smart—it basically points out the similarities between animal and human behaviour using a playful question-answer format. Each answer is then accompanied by a short note that further explains the reasons for that particular behaviour. Not only does the book reveal some fascinating facts about the natural world, but it also helps build a sense of empathy among children for animals.

ANIMALS DO, TOO! is one of the best introductions to the animal kingdom for the target age group that I’ve ever come across. I honestly cannot point out a single flaw—it’s gorgeously illustrated, the writing is nice and lucid, and it has some really interesting information that I’m sure would surprise even adult readers. I know I was certainly hooked! In fact, my only grouse is that there aren’t more pages.

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