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Awesome 8 was entertaining and education but not in an obvious way. If you have a reluctant reader, this book is perfect for a curious mind with a short attention span. From geological phenomenon to the world’s most perilous roller coasters, each list of eight captures a quick look at what makes these things tick. Brief blocks of text accompany spectacular vivid images, fostering a fun environment for learning about the amazing wonders of this world—both old and new.

Want to know what an iceberg looks like when it flips upside down? Or how about a list of the world’s most amazing waterslides? Read about buried treasures and the wackiest ways to travel. Awesome 8 is sure to keep a curious kid entertained for hours. But if you’re looking for a great learning experience you and your child can enjoy together, then look no further. With page after page filled with colorful photographs from all over the world, young readers will find this is an easy read. Perfect for a child who wants to learn, but doesn’t want to be bogged down with huge blocks of boring text. I particularly enjoyed the lists for Weird Wonders of the World, Mind Bending Street Art and Funky Tree Houses.

Awesome 8 is an enjoyable and entertaining read with a wonderful mixture of educational facts and contemporary, pop-culture little known facts. A fun, lighter educational read for all ages and a great book for learning as a family.
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