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This was my first time reviewing for National Geographic for Kids and I have to say, I’m truly a fan. This was such a vividly illustrated and interesting book! I read it from cover to cover in one sitting and I learned so much about the ocean that I never knew. Before reading this book, I knew about the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, but did you know the mountain range at the bottom of the ocean is twice the length of the continental US? I didn’t! But such things continually fascinate me.

If you have a curious child who is drawn to colorful pictures and enjoys learning about the mysteries of this world, Who’s Who in the Deep Blue is a must read. And if you’re looking for a great learning experience you and your family can enjoy together, then look no further. With page after page filled with colorful images, young readers will find this is not a text heavy book. Perfect for a child who wants to learn, but doesn’t want to be bogged down with huge blocks of boring text.

I particularly enjoyed the “Weird but True” facts about the marine life found in and around the oceans. And who doesn’t want to read about a 450-pound jellyfish? Or the mysteries of Challenger Deep, the deepest place on earth? I mean, did you know there are sea Iguanas? Or that much of what lives in the deepest parts of earth’s oceans might look more at home on another planet than our own?

Ocean Animals: Who’s Who in the Deep Blue is as enjoyable as it is educational. The final pages are admirably dedicated to teaching young readers about the Pristine Seas Project and ways we can all work together to protect our oceans. An important read for the next generation. I highly recommend this book for all ages.
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