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Kids Nonfiction 1113
Gentle Introduction To 9/11
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This picture book starts with very basic information about 9/11 and the plane that was crashed into the towers, and follows the progress of a steel beam from one of them. This beam was then sent to a foundry and made into the bow of a navy ship. When the ship was partially built, Hurricane Katrina displaced many of the workers and slowed the progress. When it was finally finished, the USS New York sailed back to that city and was then commissioned as a warship.
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History is not always pleasant, and there is no way to talk to children about 9/11 without mentioning the fact that thousands of people died. This is a gentle and hopeful way of introducing not only that event but also Hurricane Katrina, and a good way to show that there are ways of making the best of a situation and remembering bad things that have happened.

The art is soft and has soothing colors. The two most upsetting scenes are those of a plane just about to hit one of the towers, and another of smoke billowing from them. The rest show the boat being made or sailing, or people working on it. The illustrations alternate between larger scenes of things like the New York skyline and close ups of people working on the boat or the boat itself.

There is additional information about the U.S.S. New York at the end of the book, but this is more of an overview about one small outcome of 9/11 rather than an informational book about the event itself. It would be a good way to introduce the topic to young children, especially those who are interested in ships.
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