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Way to Glow!
(Updated: February 01, 2016)
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Way to Glow! is a fun and informative look at some of the world's strangest creatures.

What worked: Way to Glow! is filled with incredible photography. Each creature is given a full-color spread of information, as well as a bonus "Did You Know?" section. Readers will be delighted to use the glow in the dark pages, which also gives a fun texture to the book itself. While most of the creatures are deep sea dwelling, there are some insects covered as well. Each animal is unique, strange, and almost impossible to believe they're real. Octopi, krill shrimp, and lightning bugs are familiar. There are others like the siphonophore, a type of jellyfish, that I have never seen before. It's an enlighting read. No pun intended.

Readers who are curious, and love science and discovery will love Way to Glow!
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