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A Loud Tribute
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On June 15, 1869, in Boston, Massachusetts, the loudest and biggest and longest concert began as a celebration of the end of the Civil War. Thought up and executed by Patrick S. Gilmore, whom this book is about, this event marked a turning point of peace in our nation's history.

This books is not only informative, but fun to read. The illustrations include dramatic "sound words" that add to the loudness that is trying to be expressed, the excitement and joy that Patrick Gilmore found in creating music. There are exclamation points throughout the text as well, and they emphasize the exuberant way this man must have lived. His music was an inspiration to many, and his Jubilee must have been quite a wonder to experience. My kids loved learning about this man and his contribution to history and music, and I loved learning about this event and thinking about how magnificent of an event it was. I think this book is a unique contribution to anyone's historical library for their children.
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