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One of the most sweetest, memorable and touching children's book I have read in a very long time.
I would shelve this in between The Kissing Hand and Good Night Moon...

Edward is very fond and attached to his little Blankie. He never goes anywhere or does anything without it... "I'll never let you go," he says every time they do something together. So many heartfelt moments that he will never forget.
When Edward's mom explains that he will be starting school soon and when he goes to school, Blankie must stay home, Edward is sad and does not want to leave Blankie behind.

The perfect book for the child who will be going to daycare or pre-school and must leave their precious 'blankie' home for safe-keeping! The pictures are drawn to be soft and delicate, which emphasizes the importance on how sensitive this subject is for toddlers...
Will definitely help you explain to them the why and how come.

I adore it!
And will definitely be buying this to have on my shelf ready for when my youngest reaches this milestone!
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