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How many of us think exclusively of Thomas Edison (and perhaps, Benjamin Franklin with his kite and key) when we think of the inventors of one of our most valuable modern technologies, electricity? I know I hadn't looked into the history of this incredible invention beyond that after high school. The truth is, Nikola Tesla was just as much of a pioneer in his own right, and changed the face of electricity for Edison himself and the scientists and people of his day.

Simply but intelligently written, with excellent paintings that bring the story alive, Electrical Wizard tells the story of Nikola Tesla from the spark of desire within him as a young boy to figure out electricity to the many difficulties he faced wrapping his own mind around AC/DC technology as well as those he encountered trying to convince the scientific community, and even Edison himself, that his theories would work. Reading his story is wonderful precisely because we are living in a world overwrought with the influence of his work. I find this exhilarating, especially when reading to my children. How exciting it is to delve into the mind of an inventor! And this book will open up history and science to your children (and you) if you pick it up. A great read.
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