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(Updated: April 09, 2013)
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What I loved:
Having never been to Rome, there is very little I know about the city outside what I learned in school and saw in films. This adorable little pop-up guide book shows you where each great attraction is located in the city and what each one is famous for. The illustrations are whimsical and inviting, and I found myself wishing I could hop right onto the page and see the sights in real life. If only books were a uniquely *transportable* magic...

What left me wanting:
Nothing at all. This book is thorough without being boring and overwhelming. Only the most basic facts are presented.

However, I will say that even though the book is aged for kindergarten and above, I'd probably give this book to older elementary kids or younger middle schoolers. The facts presented are written in a way that is geared toward that older age group. Also, that was the age I really started getting interested in traveling and far-off cities like Paris and Rome. Of course it depends on the child and their interests, but that would be my personal recommendation. I know as a "wanderlustful" sixth grader, I would've devoured this book and used it as a primer to get myself prepared for my very own Roman Holiday. My piggybank would've been overflowing.

Thank you, Candlewick, for these adorable 3D Keepsake books. Keep them coming!
Good Points
- Excellent architectural illustrations
- Lots of facts and basic info
- Great for travel-minded kids, older elementary school or middle school
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