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Great Resource for Sixth Grade Classrooms and Those who love Ancient Egyptian History
(Updated: January 30, 2013)
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This is a great resource for sixth grade classrooms. This year I'm teaching sixth grade. Part of the sixth grade social studies curriculum and California state standards includes learning about Ancient Civilizations. Two civilizations that are covered include Ancient Rome and Egypt. I'm excited to learn about both civilizations as my brother-in-law Eihab is an Egyptian national and I'm a fourth generation Italian-American. Egypt has always fascinated me. So I was especially excited to be able to read CLEOPATRA QUEEN OF EGYPT and know others will too!

I love this book! The illustrations add to this story of one of the most infamous Egyptian Queens: Cleopatra. At the beginning the book goes over 'Lady of Legend' which gives readers a glimpse of the rumors behind her. It's like my former university professor told us, "History is written by the victors." I'm sure this is the case about Cleopatra. I mean, what would have happened if the tables were turned and she did defeat the Romans?

There's pop ups throughout that give little tidbits behind the tragic history of Cleopatra that are told in 'her' voice. There's her childhood, her county, Caesar, Antony, and what lead to their downfall.

This is a great addition to any sixth grade library. Also the print, illustrations of this book are sure to appeal to reluctant readers.
Good Points
1. Great resource for sixth grade classrooms
2. Fun way to learn more about Cleopatra and Ancient Rome
3. Sure to appeal to reluctant readers
4. A great addition to classrooms that fulfill California sixth grade social studies curriculum on Ancient Civilizations
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