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Draw Your Own Adventure
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Illustrator Christine Roussey's scribbly, accessible style welcomes even the smallest child to doodle within these pages.

My Beastly Book of Tangled Tinsel has the potential to keep a child busy for hours while they engage in a myriad of naughty and nice activities. The nicer options invite kids to draw Santa's father, color the outfits for a reindeer fashion show, draw a motorcycle for Santa, and draw their own face on an elf's body. The naughty and giggle-worthy suggestions include drawing the lovechild of a reindeer and snowman (antlers and a carrot nose, perhaps?), or besieging an off-pitch children's choir with rotten tomatoes and pears.

Like all the other "My Beastly Books," kids are sure to get a kick out of expressing themselves in such a free-style, color-outside-the-lines format. Within these pages, kids aren't expected to create serious art. Here, the expectations are lifted. They are free to be themselves.
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