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Filled with riveting, untold stories, this is an impeccable and concise work, deserving of even a spot on the coffee table--although the subject matter is sure to bring tears. Beautifully wrought, this book articulates the Jewish resistance during the Holocaust, as told through the eyes of different groups: those in the ghettos, the partisans, and those in the camps. The book also has a detailed history of the events leading up to and during World War 2, chronicling Hitler's rise to power and his fascist campaign to lead his nation to desire not only world domination but attempt horrific genocide.

The writing truly brings the reader into the moment; it is hard to not leave the book's pages wet with tears. Not only are these stories heart-wrenching, but they are awe-inspiring and courageous. I would recommend this book for every family and readers young and old.
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