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(Updated: May 16, 2012)
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I love a picture book that is not only cute and entertaining but also teaches something. ANIMALS AND THEIR FAMILIES is a beautiful book that has information about all different kinds of animals-- and not just the typical dog, cat, horse, and cow (although those are included too) that many books gravitate towards. On each double page spread there is a black and white picture of the animal, for instance a peacock, and then a picture and name of the female (peahen), male, and baby (peachick) as well as a simple description of their home, their sound, and what food they like.

The teacher in me thinks that if you have a early childhood or primary class and have to do some sort of animal project, this would be a great resource to get their little brains heading in the right direction.

I love the cover, the feel of the pages, and the illustrations. This is a beautiful book!
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