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Kids Nonfiction 1804
A Peek into the World of Fish
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The underwater world is a fascinating place. The creatures that reside there not only intrigue us, but help keep our world in balance. Sadly, human choices can endanger and alter these ecosystems. A Place for Fish by Melissa Stewart addresses the ecological impact on these creatures as well as why fish matter in the bigger picture.

Stewart uses simple language to convey the over-arching concept of each spread (pesticides in the water, dam-building and other damaging practices that endanger fish). Then she wisely presents more in-depth and explanatory information in sidebars. The two methods provide a book that can grow with children. Kids can be given just the right amount of information for their ages.

A unifying refrain on each page spread adds a poetic touch to this nonfiction piece, making it as pleasurable to the ears as it is to the eyes. The book clearly conveys a cautionary message, yet remains hopeful. At the book’s end, Stewart empowers children by providing ways they can help protect fish.

Fish facts, a bibliography and list of web sites round out this book. Maps of North America on the endpapers indicate the geographical habitats of the discussed fish. Acrylic illustrations in vivid greens and blues bring this stunning book to life. Visually-oriented children will want to spend several minutes enjoying and absorbing the rich details.

With so many books shouting in our faces to “be careful” with our world, this book comes alongside readers more gently and exposes them to awareness without stern heavy-handedness. A pleasing read that will help children learn environmental responsibility.
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